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          Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates ?

          Please click here for the latest information regarding Benedictine University's response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

          University Police
          University Police
          A Message from the Chief

          The Benedictine University Police serves and protects students, faculty, staff and guests of the University and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of personal integrity and ethics. Please take a moment to explore our website and learn more about our role on campus and the services we provide.

          I hope your time at Benedictine is safe and productive. I wish you luck in your educational endeavors and hope to see you at graduation.

          Dave Anderson
          Chief of Police
          Benedictine University Police

          About Benedictine University Police

          Benedictine University Police officers come from both municipal and college/university police agencies and are accustomed to the daily trials and tribulations of students at Benedictine.

          Our officers are here to serve and protect students and other members of the Benedictine University community. We are also here to help in times of distress. Whether you have just locked your keys in your car or just need to talk to someone, we want to make your experience at Benedictine a safe and positive one.

          We employ Illinois certified police officers who have full police powers including arrest. Our officers also bring specialized training and experience to Benedictine and serve as mentors to students.

          University Police officers have a combined 200 years of law enforcement experience and training and are available for class presentations, student groups and other campus entities as needs arise. Topics may include crime prevention, personal safety, alcohol/drug awareness, violence in the work place, etc.

          Mission Statement

          The mission of the Benedictine University Police is to provide resources to ensure a safe campus environment and improve the quality of life within our University community.


          Police Services

          Police services include campus area patrols, criminal investigations, accident/crash reports, traffic control, traffic and parking enforcement and crime prevention.

          They also include the following:

          Safety Escorts

          Safety escorts are provided 24 hours per day for students who feel unsafe traversing campus. If you feel unsafe for any reason, please feel free to contact University Police and request a safety escort to any on-campus destination.

          Vehicle Jumpstart/Unlock

          University Police will, to the degree that we are able, attempt to jumpstart your vehicle if you request this service. We will also attempt to unlock your vehicle when you lock your keys in the car. However, during the winter months, if the temperature falls below 30 degrees, please be aware of potential damage to your vehicle resulting from a mixture of cold weather and unlocking tools.

          Dorm Room Unlock

          University Police will unlock your residence hall room or apartment at Founders’ Woods after verifying your identity. Your first request of the academic year is free of charge. All subsequent requests will result in a $10.00 fee being charged to your student account.

          BenCard/Parking Permits

          Student and Faculty/Staff University identification cards may be obtained in the University Police office located within in the Ground Floor of the Parking Garage. They are free of charge. Replacement Commuter I.D. cards are $10.00. Replacement Resident & Athlete I.D. cards are $50.00.

          Lost and Found Property

          Lost and Found Property (either turned into University Police or found by officers) will be kept for a period of (30) days and then discarded.

          Public Presentations

          University Police officers can offer presentations for classes, student organizations and other groups on crime prevention, personal safety, violence in the workplace, safety in the classroom, club drugs awareness, alcohol awareness and many other topics.

          Property Engraving

          Benedictine community members can stop by the Benedictine police office to utilize an engraver to mark their property with permanent identifiers. There is no charge for this service.

          Event Security

          To hire/schedule Benedictine University Police officers for event security, call (630) 829-6122.

          University Police

          Parking Garage, Lower Level
          5720 College Rd.
          Lisle, IL 60532
          Emergency: Dial 911
          Non-Emergency: (630) 829-6122

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